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Director for International, Inter-University and Congress Affairs


The development of science and technology in any society requires the acquisition of knowledge and its development, and the expansion of the boundaries of knowledge from different perspectives.

There is no doubt that, in this regard, the exchange of knowledge and experiences between different communities is a vital task.

The current era is the era of communication and scientific interaction with national and international organizations aiming for more academic links with other institutions in the world as an unavoidable phenomenon.

In this respect, the presentation of the country's scientific potentials is particularly important.

In order to coordinate scientific activities of the university with other scientific centers abroad and to obtain information regarding the latest scientific achievements of international scientific centers it is necessary to have an entity that can perform these tasks using its communications abilities to coordinate the scientific and technical activities of the academics.

As the only body in charge of international academic communications at the University we are putting every effort to provide the grounds for international relations. Thus, we try to promote the scientific capacity of the University and its faculty members and to present all the recent scientific findings internationally by exchanging the latest scientific information and technology with other national and international institutions.

To this end, the Director for International, Inter-University and Congress Affairs is responsible for the above mentioned tasks and duties at UMSHA.


The main mission of the Director for International, Inter-University and Congress Affairs at UMSHA is to develop scientific and research policies for international and inter-university relations,  establishing and strengthening scientific relations between UMSHA and other universities and educational and research centers inside and outside the country within the framework of the regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


  • Responsible for the attending of faculty members and students to national and international congresses and conferences.
  • Responsible for all international communications regarding research.
  • Holding all national and international scientific meetings, including seminars and congresses.
  • Correspondence with ministries and universities and scientific research centers inside and outside the country.
  • Forming scientific relations and creating a link between scientific and research centers and universities inside and outside the country.
  • Signing MOUs with universities abroad with a focus on research and education.
  • Contacting universities and international institutions for the purpose of exchanging information, scientific papers and medical achievements.
  • Providing sabbatical study leaves for faculty members inside the country and overseas



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